We will in our daily work always have the highest priority in our work, which means:

  • That we do not use the methods and materials where risk of illness or injury exists.
  • The fact that we always use prescribed protective equipment and follow the agreed rules and instructions.
  • That we are working with continuous improvements in our business.


We must minimize our environmental impact as far as ecologically justified, and economically justified.

This will be achieved by working to reduce our environmental impact in a number of key areas:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Material Handling
  • We shall strive to exceed the imposed by law on us.
  • We must  prevent risks by making continuous improvements.
  • We will work according to our partners dealing with environmental issues, in a  requirements.
  • We will give priority to the goods and services that pose less environmental impact than others products.


  • We must be a quality-leading total suplier of welded structures.
  • We shall based on internal and external measurements are constantly improving our products and processes.
  • Customer needs will guide our quality work from first contact to finished project.