A force of Sonstorps Mechanical is the manufactu of welded beam/plate constructions, pressure vessels and lifting tools.

The company employs approximately 25 licensed welders who are accustomed to both installation and servicing work.

We also EWS-trained staff working to ISO 3834.

Welding is performed with most used methods and materials.

Companies Competences according to EN ISO 15614-1:2004.

Personal competencies according to EN 287-1:2004.

Parts of our production is controlled by several classification societies such as Lloyds and Inspecta.

Some of the products we manufacture on contract are:

  • Skids (Bottom Frame of turbines)
  • Control rooms
  • Pressure wessels
  • Special tools for turbine installation
  • Mantles
  • Boat washing facilities
  • Lifting Tools
  • Platforms

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